Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Medical Mission Trip Report 2011

Hello Friends and Supporters,
Season Greetings, I am back from Calabar, Nigeria. I'm sorry that the Internet support was not available  for me to do the periodic posting of our activities as I promised.
While in Calabar we conducted medical wellness mission in  partnership with the Efik National Association. Thirty eight medical professionals from various specialities, individuals and organizations participated. With all your support, prayers and donations we were successful in providing medical  access to vulnerable populations in rural areas.
Over six hundred people received free help in the following areas:
  • Disease prevention
  • Early diagnosis
  • Pediatric and new born care
  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Roll back malaria
  • Blood pressure screening and stroke prevention
  • Diabetic education/awareness and
  • Cholesterol testing.
JENAR  took the lead in the Roll Back Malaria and partner with the Cross River State and Red Cross for this preventive outreach.
JENAR  team met with Mr. Bassey O. Duke , Program Manager and Dr. Onebiene Ana , Program Officer and Coordinator Distribution Campaign for Odukpani Local Government Area for a planning meeting and  discuss a strategy that would advocate this program to the benefit of the people.
The team went to Akpap Okoyong  ( a rural community)and met with the community leaders and the citizens. We conducted Malaria prevention education, then moved to individual homes and help hang mosquito nets.
JENAR donated sets of books to the primary school in this local area, gave out over the counter reading glasses and made plans for an eye doctor and a technician to return in a later date and do  eye exams and give out the  remaining prescription glasses.
JENAR  Foundation received write up in a local newspaper "The Drum" for the work and donations given to the people.
It is was very emotional that we could not served all the residents that came out for the free clinic and on  behalf of  the beneficiaries of this successful trip we say  thank you so much  for your selfless act, interest and concern for others. Happy Holidays
Attached  are some pictures of the events that took place  in Calabar, Nigeria 2011  Medical mission.
Here are JENAR Volunteer Opportunities in 2012
  • Reconstruction of Nya's Clinic
  • Vision care
  • Disease  prevention
  • Urology- constructive and pediatrics
  • Gynecology
  • General medical screening and early diagnosis
  • Spiritual mission
We will again be recruiting medical professionals from various specialties , individual and organization to join us next year.
Fundraising  opportunities and activities in preparation of this trip will be posted  after the Holiday Season Until then we  we wish you and your family a very happy holiday and best wishes for happiness in the new year.

Waiting for treament

Waiting for treament

Trying over the counter eye glasses

 Roll Back Malaria Event

                                         JENAR Volunteers