Wednesday, February 12, 2014

JENAR 2013 Medical Mission

Hello Friends,
You may be wondering what happened to one of your favorite Foundation. We are excited to share what have been happening with JENAR  in the past two years.

JENAR introduced and taught West African dance known as High life  to few local schools and in the community  as a fundraiser. This idea was brought to our attention at the  last medical visit in 2011 by an eight year old  boy who thought this would be his way of giving back to the people that have been sending  him help.

JENAR also  took  time to assess its goals and decided that energy should be placed in the renovation of the old Nya's Clinic for the following reasons.

  1. The Clinic would benefit more people in need.
  2. People would have an official site where they can go for follow-up care after the team have visited and gone.
  3. Medical Professionals and Individuals who may visit Calabar, Nigeria for Volunteer trip would have a permanent place to provide care.
  4. This clinic would be available to give care to children, women, elderly and poor for free  or on sliding fee scale. 

With this in mind the Foundation went to work  quietly seeking  donors to begin the  renovation of  the old  Nya's Clinic  in December  2013. A two week expedition was undertaken by a handful of volunteers  to jump start the renovation effort.

Six  people from USA made a three day trip to Calabar, Cross River State Nigeria and two from South Africa joined. The team were  greeted with four more mission volunteers in Calabar, Nigeria who were waiting and ready to roll their sleeves and give the Old Nya's Clinic a face lift to bring this old clinic to a functional state.

On the first day we met with the owner of the clinic Dr. Emmanuel Nya Sr and the Project Manager Mr. Ekpo Ayi to receive our instructions. Both Dr. Nya Sr, a  retired Family Practitioner and the Project Manger were so excited,  the aged medical doctor commented that he was so happy to see this renovation effort taking place during his life time.

Mr. Ekpo Ayi the project manager took over and gave the team a tour of the clinic and noted that the clinic is a two story building therefore  we have a lot of  work ahead of us.
He outlined the steps needed to get the the renovation project started.
  • Removal of mold from the second level of the building because the second level was not completed it collects mold. Project Manager explained that  in Nigeria  it rains six months of year and mold lives on  that. He added if the clinic is to help its patients it cannot contribute to making them sicker. 
  • Plastering of the wall after molds have been removed.
  • Sealing of the walls to prevent the recurrence of molds.
The group worked very hard to complete removing of the mold and plastering the walls during the brief stay.

The effort to seal the wall would continue under the supervision of the project manager and  weekly update of the progress will be discussed  with  JENAR president.

Upon  sealing  the wall to prevent water sipping to the first floor of the building where offices, waiting area, patient  rooms etc are located, our next goal would be to roof the  second  level to prevent  the recurrence of mold permanently.

JENAR Foundation continues to seek new partners both in USA and in Nigeria.While in Nigeria JENAR made some contacts and  received donations from  some companies in Calabar, Nigeria.

 SAVE October 3-18,2014 for another mission trip &  be ready to experience a life changing event.Help us spread the word and  if you, family and friends would like to be a part of this expedition send me an email @  as we are beginning to gather list of volunteers.

A heartfelt thank you goes to one of the Board members Hon. Pastor Essien Ayi   who donated the cost  of ticket  to Nigeria  to jump start the project.

We thank each and every supporters who have contributed generously  in the past.

There is still more work ahead to bring this clinic to its functional state and  to keep the momentum  for this renovation going , JENAR  Foundation ask that you greatly benefit this project by  your generous  tax deductible donation  support mail to JENAR Foundation 2181 Polk Ave Ogden UT 84401.
Your donation will  help children grow to their full potential.

2013 wall with mold removed
2013 team working on removing mold

THANKS!               THANKS!           THANKS!


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